Die Neuentwicklung unserer Mitarbeiter App ist live - Polario!
Die Neuentwicklung unserer Mitarbeiter App ist live - Polario!

Covid Corona App With The MEA Building Blocks Kit

Covid Corona App With The MEA Building Blocks Kit
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Employee Apps In Times Of Crisis

Since the beginning of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, people have been expected to keep away from each other by “social distancing”. This is currently giving rise to many digital (emergency) solutions that connect employees with each other despite being physically apart. Employee apps play a central role for internal communication during the corona crisis. In addition to company-relevant news, they also include forms/queries that employees can use to report a suspicion of Covid-19 and confirm their self-quarantine. Covid news channels set up specifically for this purpose provide information throughout the company within seconds about important health and safety regulations or changes resulting from Covid, such as short-time work, etc.

Frequently asked questions, quizzes and much more are among the tools that the MEA building block kit provides within hours.

Specialized employee apps can do much more than just providing information and optimizing communication between colleagues. They are also an important information tool for supply chain and production optimization. Descriptions of process flows and emergency scenarios, background information and contact persons within the app can handle a large part of the communication needs that arise. As an SaaS – modular system, companies can quickly purchase, configure and install the “Covid Corona App“. For individual needs, there are usually additional, ready-made features as App-as-a-Service, which can be booked for a defined period of time or as a subscription model.


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Especially in May, when most shops and businesses reopen in compliance with the necessary protective measures, there is an increased need for communication. In order to support the individual companies/branches, more and more company headquarters are starting an employee app or Covid app. But also for the staff, who hold the ground in their home offices and are not informed via the corridor radio or personal conversation, is the target group for such apps.

Key factors for the fast deployment of the app are plazz AG’s intuitive modular system on a no-code basis, the reusability of prefabricated components and templates as well as a self-sufficient content management system, in which the customer administers and updates all functions/content independently.

The assessment of many politicians currently shows that normality will not return before 2021, and some, such as the SPD politician Karl Lauterbach recently said in a tv interview not before 2022. In this respect, the use of an employee app or covid app is certainly not just a temporary thing.

For years the MEA is in successful use as an event app solution accompanying and heightening event experiences and since 2019 in use as an employee or team app. People who have built up such an app early and now have a channel with which employees and partners can be reached quickly, effectively and personally now profit from their early decisions.


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