Die Neuentwicklung unserer Mitarbeiter App ist live - Polario!
Die Neuentwicklung unserer Mitarbeiter App ist live - Polario!

Interconnection Of Locations

Interconnection Of Locations
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Connect and Unify

In order to allow and promote the exchange of information, proximity is necessary. However, this is not always practicable for various reasons. Especially for larger companies this can be challenge. Make use of modern technical achievements and interconnect your company digitally, via an employee app!


Employee App – Local, global, digital

Use an employee app for internal networking of individual locations. Improve the communication and flow of information of teams on site. Share news related to the respective location, such as ongoing maintenance or the upcoming summer festival.

By adding floor plans or the canteen menu, everyone can easily find their way around and plan their working day more efficiently. Present local offers for leisure activities or for commitment within the company, such as to the works council. Help in finding new contacts via a notice board or matchmaking, to arrange carpools or as a search/offer platform.


Interconnect Your Corporation Globally

Besides individual locations, further interconnection is possible – namely on a company level. Your employee app does not have to be strictly aligned to one concept. Create communities that function as separate apps but are all accessible via the same platform.

These communities can be related to locations, but also to specific topics. Examples would be an onboarding community, for new employees. One community can be for or run by the works council to share and discuss news. Or for specific departments, such as a community for sales staff to exchange information with each other.

Within the communities, you will follow a similar approach to that of internal networking – only on a global level. Showcase company offers, such as pension schemes, advanced training opportunities or internal job advertisements. Share news via push messages that affect the entire company. Or conduct surveys to help you make decisions about future plans.


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