Employee App As A Tool For Critical Situations

Employee App As A Tool For Critical Situations
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Corporate Communication In Emergency Cases

Corporate Communication In Emergency Cases

Within companies and organizations, an employee app can help enormously when it comes to securing the flow of communication and information, when critical events and disruptions occur.

More than ever, Corona is currently making it clear that unforeseeable events worldwide can and will happen and that the right people have to be reached quickly at the right time. Since many employees work from home offices nor travel on business trips, a reliable and modular app solution is needed to easily connect employees all over the world and enable collaboration.


In Critical Situations Speed, Simplicity And Reliability Count The Most

Communication is a highly complex process that enables people to achieve tremendous levels of coordination. However, communication also contains considerable blurs, which can lead to a multitude of misunderstandings and errors.

The growing complexity and networking of processes not only increases economic efficiency but also the susceptibility to problems. Critical events have an elevated impact on the productivity and turnover of companies. They slow down production processes, hinder teamwork, delay reactions to time-sensitive problems or require immediate support for those affected. Globalization means that large organizations in particular must be prepared for critical events that affect specific regions or an entire company.


Flexible and fast communication with a large number of different groups of people is the premise that needs to be realized. Smooth and global accessibility via push messages, intuitive feedback requests, and the availability of documents such as images and PDFs, presentations and videos are all part of the range of functions offered by an employee app. Also, the ability of playing back images and impressions of those affected directly. Furthermore, it is possible to present groups as direct contact persons, such as crisis management or the team of supervisors.

The current reason for this article is COVID-19, but causes for a crisis situation can just as easily be a terrorist attack, operational disruptions, accidents, defective or even dangerous products. Functioning communication structures are essential for a successful crisis management.

Inform yourself about the possibilities of your own and self-sufficient employee app solution with a dynamic content management system, which can be instrumental in the case of crisis communication.


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