Die Neuentwicklung unserer Mitarbeiter App ist live - Polario!
Die Neuentwicklung unserer Mitarbeiter App ist live - Polario!

Apps In Action – Trainee App

Apps In Action – Trainee App
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What can I expect? Many trainees ask themselves this question before starting their training. One of our customers, a top 500 company, which we will not name out of  confidentiality, is breaking new ground with a trainee app based on the Mobile Employee App.

The company is thus meeting the demands of Generation Z with the motto “Mobile First”. Already within their first week, every trainee gets access to the app, which can be used on Apple and Android devices or even in a web app.

The goal is to enthuse newcomers for the company and their chosen apprenticeship, to give them a comprehensive insight into the entire company and to let them experience today’s diversity and complexity at first hand.


In addition, informative and didactic quizzes have been placed in the app, depending on the focus of each apprentices training. Training classes, training videos and FAQs are also displayed in the application. In addition, feedback from trainees is obtained in regular cycles in the form of surveys in order to continuously improve the training in terms of content and progression level.

Another success story is the idea board, which they have integrated into the app. On it, the trainees can suggest ideas to benefit their daily work and work processes. The innovative approaches of the young generation have already led to numerous improvements in the daily work.

The application accompanies the apprentices throughout their entire apprenticeship. The contents are differentiated and adapted according to each year of the training. According to diligence and commitment, the quizzes and other interaction possibilities within the app, they can collect points on the gamification board. How or whether these points are used is of course up to each company.


In addition to interactive and didactic content, the application also serves as a directory of important contacts and for networking with colleagues. This gives them a direct line to the HR department, to the trainee representatives and also to their respective department supervisors.

Within the first 6 months the Azubi App already showed that the approximately 60 trainees found their place within the company and their tasks much faster than before. After an initial introduction and test phase with the latest apprentices, the app was rolled out to the higher years of training, so that currently around 180 apprentices from all three years of training are using the app.

“With the Trainee App we want to create enthusiasm for their new working world and our company. The trainee app offers an emotional introduction to the apprenticeship and strengthens the “we-feeling” and the bond with each other as well as with the company from day one. The trainees get to know their colleagues and can exchange experiences and newly learned know-how right from the start”. – Head of HR Training.


Are you interested in the features and technological possibilities of an employee app? Take the chance and digitalize your company!

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